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BY: Abdulkareem Eedris
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Country Hard

The accompanying visuals for the thumping musical dissection of our present sad reality in this once enviable nation by the unputdownable Nigerian Hip Hop Czar and Social Crusader Eedris Abdulkareem, featuring The Naija Ninja Sound Sultan, aptly titled “Country Hard” is finally out.




The video which is characteristic of Eedris with graphically explanatory plots and pictures brings to the fore, our current crisis ridden and strife consumed situation as a country.


There’s no gainsaying the fact that this “Country” is indeed very “Hard” for the everyday citizen today, more than any other time in our topsy-turvey history as a country, and the visuals bearing the sad and angry visages of everyday Nigerians says it all!


Watch “Country Hard Music Video” below

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Artist : Abdulkareem Eedris

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Released : Oct 10,2020

Category : Video

Genres : Jazz

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