My Struggle, My Hustle, and My Motivation as an Artist in the Nigerian Competitive Music Market

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My Struggle, My Hustle, and My Motivation as an Artist in the Nigerian Competitive Music Market

Mr Adeniran Adekunlepopularly known by the stage name Naskid Richie is a 24years old up and coming Nigerian artist with lots of singles and collaborations to his credit. In a comprehensive interview with theApop America media representative at his Ede residence in Osun State Nigeria, Mr Naskid Richie gave an insight into his music career, the numerous challenges, his motivation, and why he thinks the struggle is worth his effort. Please stay with us as we share the transcript as follows:

Interviewer:   May I meet you please?         

Artist:             I am Adeniran Richard Adekunle known by the stage name Naskid Richie from the State of Osun, Nigeria. I am the 2nd child of a family of 4 (all male).

Interviewer:   Its nice meeting you Mr Naskid Richie. Can you please give us a brief insight into your educational background?

Artist:             I started my primary education in the Northern part of the country but moved to Ede where I had my school leaving certificate in the year 2006. I later proceed to Ilorin International Secondary School for my junior secondary education before I moved to the capital city of Abuja briefly for my senior secondary educationand then relocated to Ijebu Ife where I obtained the Senior Secondary Leaving Certificate. Had my Ordinary National Diploma in Accountancy from Ede State Polytechnic and I am currently a 300level student of Political Science at the National Open University, Osogbo, Nigeria.

Interviewer:   As a young man growing up in Osun, what is the motivation behind your choice of music as a career?

Artist:             Got my first music inspiration through an old secondary school mate who was then an artist while I aspire to be a footballer. He would compose his songs while I act as backup until I accompanied him to studio on a fateful day, and there we recorded our first collaboration. He told me my performance was beyond his expectation and I discovered my hidden music talent through him. At that instance, I fell in love with music.

Interviewer:   What genre of music do you do and what motivates your lyrics?

Artist:             I do Afro Pop music and also do Dance Hall and Rock music. I get inspiration from events that happen around. It can even be a satire to expose and criticize a societal ill in a bid to request correction and as well effect change.

Interviewer:   How long have you been in music and how many singles have you release?

Artist:             I have been into music for more than 10years and I have recorded not less than 15 tracks, and had engaged in many other collaborations.

Interviewer:   What challenges do you face as an upcoming artist in Nigeria?

Artist:             As an upcoming artist from an underprivileged family, the challenges we face are enormous. From inadequate fund for track recording, nonavailability of platform to showcase and promote our talent, to the societal stigma that often perceive upcoming artists as “lazy” and lacking in direction of what we want to become in life. Myself and fellow upcoming artists had performed free shows on several occasions, and even sometimes invited to shows as guest artists only to be left out of the performance list.

Interviewer:   Despite these challenges, what motivates you to push further?

Artist:             Ojuelegba, Grass to Grace, Ghetto Dreams, Story and many more are the struggle narratives from establishedartists today that makes us realize our challenges are only preparing us for the brighter future we envisage with passion. Those who quit don’t win, and those than win never quit.

Interviewer:   How do you see Apop America helping your music career?

Artist:             The cardinal challenge myself and fellow upcoming artists had faced over time is getting a platform that will provide the opportunity for us to showcase our talent and promote our music. Since Apop America is providing us with this rare opportunity, I think we can now look forward to the future with greater optimism.

Interviewer:   What is your admonition to other upcoming artists like yourself?

Artist:             That we should keep the spirit high and support the Apop America dream for ourselves and for a secured future for the upcoming artists after us.

Interviewer:   Thanks much for being a part of this session Mr Naskid Richie. It was fun being with you and sharing your experience. Hope to see you at the top in the nearest future.

Artist:             Its my pleasure to be here as well and much thanks to the founder and the entire Apop America team for this great opportunity.



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